Thursday, May 30, 2013


Engifugue:- the state of sitting in your house while an engineer operates on it.

I am currently in a state of engifugue, characterised by nervous excitement and enforced passivity as the Sky engineer drills holes in our walls and brandishes his dish. Later,  the Anglian engineers will be installing double-glazed doors and windows for most of the day, so engifugue is set to persist.

Yesterday we were at Brean, near Weston super Mare, visiting my brother and his family. It's half-term and the caravan sites and funfairs were bustling - heroic really given the mist and chill wind. As we left at half past five it began to chuck it down.

Adrian's major concern was the lack of Internet access for his kindle fire. One day 3G or better will be pervasive: in its absence the cleverest smartphone wifi hot spot function is useless.