Monday, March 11, 2013

Sex and the Fast Diet (5:2)

So much on the web about the Fast Diet: intermittent fasting, two days a week, improves your health and just rolls the pounds off. The word on the street is that it also impacts your sex life: some typical comments.

"Arthur, you used to crush me with your bloated mass, it was like mating with a walrus. But after a few months of the FastDiet, it's like making love to a puppy!"

Er, yes.

"Ouch! Henry, will you stop poking me with your ribs - you never used to have them - I can't concentrate. Ouch! Your hip is bruising my thigh ..."

How the fat does roll off!

"Omigod Charles, it's been 45 minutes .. (sighs) .. you're so relentless."

Increased stamina also depends on adding exercise to the mix, I'm told.

So there you are, the Internet doesn't lie. One more reason for you chaps out there to get with Michael and Mimi!