Thursday, February 07, 2013

Anne Hathaway's Cottage etc

I write this at lunchtime from the BHS restaurant which gives an excellent first floor view of the RSC and the Stratford Marina (pictured) - the hot chocolate is good too.

We've arrived at the town centre from Anne Hathaway's cottage, pictured, where it was exceedingly cold, and where we were preceded by a coach-load of French school-students.

Update: pm we watched 'The Winter's Tale', which according to Wikipedia is one of Shakespeare's problem plays. The first three acts (jealous king accuses wife of infidelity with childhood chum .. tragic consequences) is a BBC2-type drama. The last two acts are dominated by big fat people being vulgar and bawdy; also Morris Men. Proper ITV. We found our attention wandering.

Shock! Horror! Clare (and myself) forgot to leave food out for the cat before we left. We thought he'd be gouging the flesh from our very bodies in his starvation as we entered the house.

But no, he'd been perfectly happy with the remnants of his munchy-crunchies ...