Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wiki Weapon; Psychopaths in the Media

Wiki Weapon (google it). The project for an open-source weapon constructable by a 3D-printer. Download the schematic via the Internet and your plastic/metal-fabricating machine will build you a lethal weapon in your very own home.

No more buying dodgy firearms in slovenly pubs from murky thugs (at inflated prices); no more smuggling 'pieces' through the X-ray machines and skeptical customs staff. Encrypt the design schematic and distribute via BitTorrent or similar denizens of the DarkNet and you're pretty safe from the authorities.

Might as well start planning for this future as it seems to be unstoppable.


Television is a warm medium: it rewards emotion, charisma and ego over cool intellect. So think extraversion, charm, charisma, fearlessness ... and what do you get?

Looks to me like this is one area where the much-discredited 'precautionary principle' ought, in fact, to be applied.

What d'you say, Jimmy?