Friday, August 10, 2012

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

Today is Friday and it's the second day of my new fasting regime. In future, Fridays and Mondays will be breakfast-only, around 500 calories. This will give my body a chance to recover from the endless deluge of nutrients I normally pour into it: it worked for Mr Mosley. Should also reduce my food intake by 20% which can't help but be beneficial.

I didn't find it hard on my first attempt three days ago (last Tuesday): I just drank green tea when I would have ate, and didn't feel particularly hungry. Still, I caught my body by surprise that time, so who knows how it will cope this time around :-).

Yesterday afternoon, after the obligatory stop at IKEA, we went to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. It's at Ashton Court on the south side of the Avon gorge near the Suspension Bridge. We were quite unclear as to the geography of the site and ended up in a parking field which we were assured was "half a mile from the balloons." Forty five minutes later and after the descent of two steep hills we were there and settled ourselves on a grassy bank to watch.

We were surprised by the large number of balloons which had no intention of flying. After just a few years it seems they acquire rents, holes, leaks and problems around the stitching. Many of the inflated, tethered behemoths - after doing their stint of advertising - were eventually deflated, rolled-up and packed away.

After some hours in the hot sunshine, a few drinks and hot chips, we saw the first balloons silently float into the sky. We watched for a while longer and then started the long, weary climb back to the car. We arrived home at 8.56 pm, literally just in time to turn the TV on and watch Usain Bolt running - and winning - the 200 metres: a Jamaican 1-2-3.

Meanwhile, back at the Balloon Fiesta, they were doing the nightglow - tethered balloons illuminated and with music, topped off with a fireworks display.

Here are some pix.

The burners are on

Late afternoon and the shops are quiet

The Churchill dog - tethered only!

They're off!

Around 6 pm the after-work crowds arrived

The beer tent frames flyaway balloons

Action Man aloft as we head off home