Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cromer, Sheringham, The Broads

Driving back on the M4 yesterday near Swindon I saw a white van in the slow lane swerve violently onto the hard shoulder. Straight ahead of me, crossing the middle lane, was a duck with three ducklings trailing in line behind her. I moved into the fast lane and swept past the luckless bird-family at 70 mph.

The central reservation at this point is a two foot concrete wall so I fear that short of doing a prompt U-turn, family prospects must have been poor. There was no pyre of smoke in my rear-view mirror and no reports of a traffic pile-up so the eventual fate of the luckless avians is unknown: evolution in action.

We spent a few days in Norfolk with Clare's sister Mary, husband Gerry and daughter Cecy with visits from Mary's other daughter Jane and her family. We escaped the worst of June weather misery although there was scant sun and the chill wind at the seaside was shocking...

School-party kiddies swimming in a feezing North Sea at Sherringham - shocking! A massive wind farm miles out at sea, but only one in three of the tower-blades was actually spinning - shocking! The local shop assistant sold me a slab of "Willow", claiming under intense interrogation that it absolutely, definitely was butter - shocking!

Or possibly NFN. Here are some pictures.

The author at Felbrigg Hall

 Gerry, Clare and Mary on the Broads 

The author and his wife at Cromer

Cecy cast as the flower fairy

Clare, Mary and Cecy at Sheringham Park