Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At last the sun!

After days of living on a cold, damp version of Venus the clouds departed and the daystar returned. On the strength of it we took a walk.

After all the rain, the Bishop's Palace moat is full and fresh and covered in ducks.

We walked out into the country and caught the picture above of sheep being herded against the backdrop of Wells cathedral.

In other news, we bought an ultra-violet torch (4 AAA batteries) to search for signs of cat-marking on the carpet. A patch of staining was found last night after dark, with all the lights turned off, and Clare fixed it with sodium bicarb and white vinegar. Actually, there was no odour there in the first place but the UV caught it fluorescing and after that its fate was sealed.

ScienceFiction.com has invited me to be a reviewer and we're currently sorting out the arrangements.

The physics stack exchange continues to be as addictive as crack cocaine. I'm toying with making it my homepage (just kidding, google!). Lubos Motl gave a good answer to the question "What is Energy really?" linking it to time-translation invariance. By coincidence I have just been working through Emmy Noether's proof in "QFT Demystified".