Friday, September 24, 2010

Maisie Cook's Funeral - 23rd September 2010

A brief flurry of rain swept across Canford Crematorium, Bristol yesterday afternoon as Clare, my mother and myself stepped out of the car for my aunt's funeral.

I didn't get to see Maisie much if at all in recent years. She didn't get out and I had long since lost the routine of my childhood visits with my father. However I do remember her sharpness and her world-weary sardonicism which I always found attractive.

Here's a picture of her on the happy occasion of her marriage to George Cook. George died 38 years ago of cancer and the minister observed that he had also conducted the service at George's funeral.

John, the youngest of Maisie's three children read the details of his mother's life, his voice breaking with emotion. Jacky, Maisie's eldest, read a poem.

The reception afterwards, organised by Georgina, Maisie's middle daughter, was held at BAWA. Here's a picture of Len's widow, Joyce Seel at the reception: (Maisie's two older brothers were my father Fred and eldest Len).

Maisie Cook died September 12th. Donations to Dementia and Alzheimer's charities.