Monday, August 02, 2010

A Walk to Wookey Hole

I dragged myself away from David Gerrold's staggering series "The War against the Chtoor" - I'm on book 3 (more about this later); Clare dragged herself away from Michel Thomas and his Foundation Italian course CD. We thus started the long Mendip trek up from our home across to our destination, the pub at Wookey Hole. Here are some pix.

Clare at The Blue School (on the way back)

Our way back - a Mendip view at Milton

Nigel (and Wells Cathedral)

The Bandstand (Wells Recreation Ground)

Why do brass bands churn out endless Sunday afternoon kitsch: The Entertainer, Humpty Dumpty, For Your Eyes Only ...? Why not something a little bit more sophisticated?

Shadow getting the cream

We spoil that animal. This morning down at Morrison's in Glastonbury Clare skipped the shelves groaning under Felix and Whiskas to select the most expensive sachets (40p a throw) on display. "At this rate," I groaned "he's costing more per month than my mobile phone."

In response I received only a glare.