Saturday, March 13, 2010

First vole hunt

Alex and myself drove down to Wells yesterday evening with the cat in the boot. "A long and whiny road" we observed based on the sounds of distress from the cat box. We arrived around 10 pm to be greeted by Clare into the one livable room at present, our bedroom. (Alex was dispatched to the semi-livable second bedroom for the night).

The cat roamed around his new home all night and escaped to the garden this morning. He was intoxicated by his first breath of the outdoors for months and immediately got down to hunting (pictured).

Out and about already

As I write this the workmen are drilling, cutting and sawing in the kitchen downstairs. I estimate by Tuesday the kitchen will work and the white goods currently occupying the living room will be plugged and plumbed in. Then the unpacking can start.

This will turn into the kitchen

White goods in the living room

Wells is a delight in the early spring sunshine - we breakfasted in an Italian coffee shop off the market square.