Friday, September 04, 2009

Progress by tiny steps

First of all, best of luck, Adrian for your snowboarding competition tomorrow!

Adrian called us earlier today to give an update on the rain and gales which have been assailing Porters Ski Resort (map) near Christchurch, NZ recently. He should be back in the UK at the end of October prior to travelling for the new season in Canada.

The estate agent will be calling Monday afternoon to take photographs and measurements, and we'll put our house on the market at £350,000. We had higher and lower valuations, which signifies that there are not so many six bedroom houses near to Andover for sale to make a compelling price comparison. Things are not helped by the continuing volatility and sparseness of the housing market, although we hope for improvement there.

I have now paid my £480 for the OU maths MSc course while still waiting for formal confirmation that I'll be admitted to the course (response due by September 14th).

I'm afraid that jogging has once again been abandoned. Yesterday afternoon as I was turning back about a mile up the road at Weyhill, my left knee felt like an internal band around it had suddenly gone very tight. Very sensibly, I decided to walk back and there were no lasting consequences. I conclude that my knees are simply too worn out for the impact involved in running. Oh dear!

Clare buried a charming but very dead finch this afternoon. Blame has been attached to our feline although it would never stick in court.