Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pumped Up

Pumped up the two sets of tyres, and oiled the chains and gears. By the time Clare came back from Mass we were good to go.

Our first bike ride of the season was to the Garden Centre at Weyhill. Many of the potted plants were dead, or sitting in dry soil. An education as to how labour-intensive running a garden centre is. I guess this early in the season they hadn't budgeted for it - there were few customers. Still, if you can't keep your stocks alive, there's something wrong with the business model.

We cycled back through Amport and Monxton, disturbing rabbits, ducks and swans at the last moment. A bike is great for getting up close to wildlife as it's fast and relatively silent.

Collateral damage:
  • One set of recently acquired chinos in the wash due to oil smeared over the legs as the bikes were turned right-side-up after oiling.

  • Black stains on the path - I should have oiled them on the grass.