Monday, January 05, 2009


Snow always comes in flurries, just like thunder always rumbles. Our own very lightweight flurry occurred this morning (pictured).

I've been in Bristol the last few days where my father was ill in hospital. He'll be back home tomorrow (Tuesday).

While in Bristol, I mentioned to my sister, Elaine, my recollection that IBM had simulated a mouse brain on their 'BlueGene' supercomputer. As we continued talking, this seemed to me an increasingly unlikely accomplishment so I just had to check.

What IBM actually achieved seems a whole lot more modest - see the web page of one of the researchers, Dharmendra S. Modha, here.

And the state-of-the-art here (they have since moved to rats).

Someday they will get the architecture as well as the connections right, and link the whole thing via WiFi to a real rat body, with eyes and legs. Scary.

Modha says that the human brain is four hundred times bigger ...