Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Hurstbourne Park Mansion

A view across the rolling contours of north Hampshire to Hurstbourne Park Mansion (just visible in the central distance) outside Whitchurch at noon today.

We have no idea whether it's open to the public.

We also saw for the first time in our lives, a white barn owl. It launched itself about twenty feet above our heads from its tree-home and did a couple of circuits: long enough for us to get a very clear view. It was as white as milk with wings perhaps two feet from tip to tip. We hung around, waiting for a re-appearance and photo-op, but that was that.

Our adopted cat, Shadow, is settling in and squeeking piteously less. Today Clare has been on the phone to various tradespeople as regards installing a catflap. The quote to locate it in the back door (double-glazed top and bottom panes) came to more than £280 so we're examining alternatives.

The catflap itself, from Homebase, came in at less than a tenner.