Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adrian back to Canada

After spending some months of the summer with us, Adrian has just departed the UK to return to the Sun Peaks resort in Canada, where he'll be teaching snowboarding and skiing this winter.

I drove him and his friend down to Gatwick airport this afternoon, and at time of writing they will be over the north Atlantic en-route to Vancouver. They'll arrive shortly after 6 a.m. our time, but it will be 10.10 in the evening for them. Their plan is to get to Whistler for some pre-season boarding, before continuing on to Sun Peaks and the start of instruction. Adrian also intends to work on more advanced ski instructor qualifications this season.

Next April, when the Canadian season ends, Adrian's current plan is to follow the snow to New Zealand and continue to instruct. Then back to Canada next Autumn. So it'll be a while before he's back in the UK.

Adrian's presence has not had a huge impact on our household. The major effect of his departure will be that we will lose broccoli as a regular shopping item, and there will be less viewing of "Match of the Day". We will also be under less pressure to ready enormously-lengthy Russian novels.