Thursday, October 16, 2008

Aerial Traffic

Still buoyed up from completing my third-level science exam yesterday, I helped Clare submit her Archaeology end-of-course assessment electronically, and then we both bobbed out the door for a bracing walk.

The countryside about us, in late Autumnal sun, is wonderfully bright and still. We were continually reminded that North Hampshire is directly under a major aerial 'motorway', counting up to five jetliners simultaneously streaming their contrails - silver miniatures at 37,000 feet.

A little later, as we walked up a farm track, we heard a boom and looked up to see a Eurofighter delta-wing streaking overhead. A rare sighting from Penton Mewsey.

This afternoon I mowed the lawn, perhaps the last attention it will need this year, and re-engaged with Special Relativity and Maxwell.