Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Microlight flight

Inspired by Andrew Marr's BBC programme, "Britain from Above", we have decided to try microlight flying. I think it will take a while before we are flying over snow-capped mountains, swooping around the peaks and scaring climbers. To be honest, our modest plan comprises three 20 minute "taster flights" at Popham airfield close to us. So that's intrepid aviators Adrian, Clare and myself.

I did consider doing something with paramotors, which are cheap-ish, and if I were younger maybe ParAvion's offer - here - would look a little more attractive, or maybe Tadley Paramotoring. However, Airbourne Aviation's offer of an enclosed, heated cockpit finally won the day (here) this week.

This is what we can expect in a week or so.

Clare saw the video and complained to me that this is not a real microlight. Apparently most of the fun is in the enveloping sensation that one is about to fall out. Still, the chance to actually fly the aircraft sounds cool. I imagine she'll be a convert once in the air.