Saturday, June 28, 2008

On Missing a Party

So she called a few months back and I said ‘Sure, if I’m around’. And today was the day, and I thought do I really want to go into a house full of the kids she teaches, and their parents and grandparents, and maybe I’ll have five minutes chat with her, but she is the hostess, so what will I do then?

And everyone will be asked to do their little turns on the piano and she’ll ask me, and I haven’t touched the wretched thing for six months and have forgotten everything, so then there’ll be an argument. And I reckon I’ll have to stay at least two hours and I have absolutely no desire to make small talk with these strangers.

And it’s not as if I have any plans to start the lessons again, I mean I have been incredibly busy the last six months and I expect that to continue, and even the small amount of non-working time I have is totally tied up with getting my science course work done and that’s going to continue for ages.

So really this event is more for her continuing pupils and their families and surely she would understand that, so I really have no grounds for feeling guilty, do I?