Friday, February 29, 2008

Our 'hood in Al Barsha

Today is Friday, February 29th and the first day of the weekend in Islamic countries. I spent the morning catching up on some emails and doing computer maintenance, and lunchtime went down to the excellent Lebanese restaurant on the ground floor. As I was the only diner, I had five waiters looking after me, which I guess is service. The food was absolutely delicious anyway: a Lobster Thermidor made in heaven.

Afterwards I took a stroll out to our 'neighbourhood' to try and find a grocery shop where I could buy some fruit. Naturally, being as observant as an introverted bat with something on its mind, I strolled right past the only grocery shop for miles around, and embarked on a wide tour of our immediate environment. Halfway around, I took the following video - at the end you can see Dubai Ski, the gigantic indoor ski slope which I mentioned in a previous post.

Finally, in the end, almost by accident, I did spot the grocery shop - which is next door to the hotel - and bought some very fresh apples and bananas.

On current plans, I'm back in the UK in a week's time. After that, keep checking this site.