Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sweeney Todd

Yesterday evening in Salisbury. Much better than last week's "I am Legend". Excellent acting, interesting plot and excellent grey-scale lighting/CGI. Let down slightly by the songs, which weren't memorable.

On the domestic front, half an hour ago the coldness of the house finally registered on my consciousness, and I realised that the central heating had failed. I decided to light a fire, and emptying a heavy coal bag in the shed, I managed to wrench muscles in my lower back. Clare made the fire before departing for church, and as I type this I can hear the kettle whistling in the kitchen. I wonder whether I will be able to stand up and make the tea?

-- Update: I move around gingerly - 'coulda bin a lot worse' - hope it's better tomorrow: the Jubilee line beckons.


Under the impact of long work hours and a 2 hour each-way commute (when not hoteling locally), piano practice has gone to the wall. My OU course (SMT359 Electromagnetism) can't be dismissed in such a cavalier fashion and I am slightly ahead of the schedule, just finishing a revision of vector calculus. A little more to do this morning.