Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Amazon shopping

"Black Man" Richard Morgan; Paperback; £11.99.

Richard Morgan astounded us all with his special-forces mercenary Takeshi Kovacs in the dystopian world of "Altered Carbon" and its successors. Let's see what vision he's come up with this time.

"The Acceptance World: Vol 3 (Dance to the Music of Time 03)" Anthony Powell; Paperback; £6.39.

"A Buyer's Market: Vol 2 (Dance to the Music of Time 02)" Anthony Powell; Paperback; £5.99.

Clare is working her way through the 12 volume cycle. This is a birthday present (so don't tell her!).

"Atonement" Ian McEwan; Paperback; £5.22.

I was impressed with "Saturday" - and the film of "Atonement" comes out in September so I thought it was time to get further into Mr. McEwan's back catalogue.

"The God Delusion" Richard Dawkins; Paperback; £5.38.

I fought with myself not to buy this book, on the belief that Dawkins couldn't be saying anything I didn't know already (and yes, I studied the 'Ontological Argument' at University). My position crumbled under the weight of approving reviews, and I guess this is one book one just has to read to stay up with literate culture. And now it's in paperback.