Sunday, April 15, 2007


We saw this film at the Salisbury Odeon this evening. The Sunday Times called it a thinking person's SF movie - whereas I am wondering how I might get my money back.

The threadbare plot starts from the unlikely premise that the sun is about to go out. A mission - Icarus 2 - has therefore been sent, behind a giant sunshield, to launch a restorative payload into the heart of the sun and reignite it. Right.

Seven years previously, Icarus 1 had been launched on an identical mission but had never been heard of again, while the sun had not deviated from its route to extinction. Naturally the two missions are destined to meet up, and all questions and issues will be resolved.

So what does a thinking person's SF movie look like in the case of "Sunshine"? Stereotyped bickering, a plot with more holes than an asteroid-punctured sunshield, and a serious inability to answer the question "what was the point of that?"

There - no plot spoilers. I left with a smile on my face, but that's how I do disdain, I'm afraid.