Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Airport thoughts

My sister wrote to me about her airport experiences

"Agree your job appears to have some less joyous moments. I guess you just read a lot in airport lounges. I related to your comments about strange pacing man in airport. Saw similar chap in Washington whilst waiting for flight to New York. Was convinced we were all going to die when he boarded same plane. But hey, still here!"

Well, Elaine, I also routinely see people who I suspect of plane-demolishing intentions. However, I reassure myself that even if they did manage to down a Flybe aircraft on an internal flight between two provincial airports, no-one would either notice or care! So why bother.

Sometimes I listen to music on the MP3 function of my mobile phone ... I read a bit. But mostly I just veg out and doze. Sometimes I speculate about what I will do if they cancel the last flight, and I have to overnight at the airport. I surreptitiously try to stake out three seats in a row where I wouldn't be disturbed!

I know it's a well-known truth, but flying regularly brings it home to you just how fundamentally unreliable air travel is.