Thursday, April 27, 2006

Impetuosity and its unintended side effects

Tuesday I decided to cancel my subscription to "New Scientist". IMHO it's been getting steadily more populist, vacuous and content-free over the last few months. Last week I read a particularly superficial article on Stephen Hawking's latest cosmological thinking and decided to end it.

My last issue arrived today and it was full of quite interesting stuff (oh, the ironies of life!). It contained a special section on 'the science of love', with the usual stuff on oxytocin. But there was a particularly interesting interview with a guy called John Gottman, a mathematician whose views on relationship success apply to more than marriage (article here). I was prompted to buy a couple of his books - marriage and maths - no doubt to be reviewed in good time.

It's Scientific American from here onwards, though!