Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wednesday done and 'to do' list

1. Reviews written of James Gaines' book on J. S. Bach and Frederick the Great + The Rule of Three, by Jagdish Sheth and Rajendra Sisodia + Personality in Adulthood, the Five-Factor Model, by McCrae and Costa.

2. My Creative Zen Sleek MP3 player powered up, configured and around 23 albums transferred: took most of the day and was nothing like as 'intuitive' as has been billed. I am radically underwhelmed to be called antisocial as I lie back on a recliner and listen to some really sublime stuff :-(

3. Note to self: buy a BIG external (USB2) disk drive - my PC has passed the magic 85% full point where defrags stop working, and I have run out of dross to delete.

To do: rewrite the book chapter on business strategy, around concepts of the rule of 3.

Noted: my book now has a price and publication date here.

Further note to self: being totally focused on getting a backlog of tasks done over the Christmas holiday can be perceived by family members as not wholly entering into the spirit of things: try to make amends. (And hope blog does not descend into a pastiche of Bridget Jones' Diary).