Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blogging as vanity publishing?

Busy most of today putting a client bid together.

I am also having trouble extending the book chapter on 'choosing the right people'. I thought I would do a personality-type analysis of various styles of leadership in carriers and vendors. Somehow the words aren't quite ready to come. Not exactly writer's block, more that I haven't got an angle which sufficiently excites me to motivate 3,000 or so words.

If writing this stuff is vanity publishing, then it's surely reprehensible and self-indulgent. Maybe it is. Other possible framing constructs: (i) it's a diary; (ii) it's a notebook which is harder to lose than scraps of paper + it's searchable; (iii) it's useful to your later, more senile self + any descendants who are that interested.

Perhaps the truth is that some of us have a bunch of ideas, and quite enjoy writing them down. We're allowed that, aren't we?

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