Saturday, August 11, 2018

When your AI phone is the real artist

Take a look at the images below. They're all based on pictures taken using my Honor 10 phone. Huawei (Honor is a brand name) have provided a powerful image editor for the phone which I used to produce these effects (click on an image to make larger).

Clare painting

At Burnham Beach

Montacute House

Our kitchen .. after van Gogh

Photos are transformed to coloured pen drawings or watercolours.

If I had produced these myself I'd be marvelling at my own skill; perhaps others would too. Knowing that it's the Honor 10 AI chip doing the creative work here, does that change anything?



  1. Roy writes:

    "The issue with Chinese technologies like this these days is where did the original IP come from? It is the reason for all these Trade Wars at the moment."

    1. Huawei tech increasingly looks and feels like Apple stuff in terms of design. But it seems to me that *technologically* they're not really copying anyone in phones - they've reached the leading edge.


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