Friday, January 13, 2017

My weight training programme (video)

Here's an 8 minute video where I describe my weight training routine, which starts with an exercise bike HIT warm-up followed by floor exercises and free weights (dumbbells).

As of Saturday morning, 23 people have viewed this post .. and 3 people watched the video. What were the other 20 doing?

Some mistakes in my commentary:
  • the heaviest dumbbells are 14 kg each, not 14.5 kg 
  • the first weight routine is the 'bent over row' (not 'back over row') 
  • it's the 'bicep curl', not 'bicep crunch'.
The order I do exercises varies, there's no rule which says 'heaviest weights first' - in fact that's rather deprecated. Sometimes I start with arm flaps (not the technical term).


Credits to Clare for the camera work.

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