Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mutual incomprehension

From "Psychological Comments".
"... the loss of an election will be felt more strongly by the Left, mostly because they are tender minded, but also because they are worriers who feel that the poor of the world need help which will now be denied them, and that all of society should desire to be like them in their liberal attitudes (or their desire to be seen as liberal and generous).

"From a tough-minded, emotionally stable perspective,  the great Democrat sadness, emotional upset and dismay is just the wailing of the mentally afflicted, wallowing in neurotic catastrophization and self-proclaiming virtue. Republicans see the Democrat response as infantile, the abject collapse of spoilt children who  cannot believe how nasty life has been to them.

"From a tender-minded, emotionally sensitive perspective the Republican win is  just an extension of the insensitive, heartless and individualistic lack of concern they habitually show to anyone who gets in their way. Democrats see the Republican joy as demonic parents: violent, fascistic, dangerous; behaviours typical of oppressors who believe that life favours the brutal."

The saccharine John Lewis Christmas video.

Writers to the The Times think it encourages insanitary vermin playing on children's equipment; the Guardian sees it as a metaphor for the girl (Hillary) brutally pipped at the post by the boxer dog (you know who). The best comment: 'What are you thinking of? It isn't even mid-November!'


Clare and myself have mutually 'fessed up. She has confided that she hates greens (broccoli, cabbage, green beans) and I have concurred. No more health; we will tolerate salad, tomatoes, lettuce hearts bigged up with sliced apple and walnuts (I'm keener).

So today in Waitrose we had a special non-greens shop. Squash and pickled onions featured prominently  ...