Saturday, November 19, 2016

A 2016 Christmas (at Wookey Hole)

We are fortunate to live in the thousand-year shadow of Wells Cathedral overlooking the Isle of Avalon and the ley lines of Glastonbury Tor. Who would not be uplifted by the spirituality of deep time?

But sometimes you just want a break from all that. And what better than to hop over one of the Mendip foothills to the world-famous Wookey Hole?

The Spirit of Christmas

A Winter Wonderland - available for office parties, etc

Perhaps a walkthrough? Pay attention to the Santa at the back (cf the aliens in 'Arrival').

A Walk through the Winter Wonderland which is Wookey Hole 2016

Here's a link to the video.


But never let it be said that Christmas has nothing to do with religion! If you turn left before entering Santa's Grotto, in a small, derelict shed you will observe:

Tucked away in a shed in the corner .. it's the baby Jesus. How traditional!

Clare shows you the way.

The search for the baby Jesus

Here's a link to the video.


Wookey Hole - an experience for the modern age. OK, we patronise, but at least their hot chocolate machine is of the highest quality and delivers a steaming beverage!

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