Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Martian (film)

We saw The Martian yesterday. It's a flyover country film, red not blue (see what I did there?*).

We enjoyed it.

After all the nail-biting excitement, it was brave to end the film with Mark Watney ('The Martian') giving a homily to aspiring astronauts that there are always problems in space, that you just have to solve them one at a time, then you get to come home.

For me the message was: space and off-Earth operations are incredibly brittle: one serious problem and you're dead.


* In case you didn't: red Mars vs. blue Earth is being compared to red states (Republican, STEM, rugged individualist) vs. blue states (Democrat, liberal arts, statist) in terms of the film's culture and target audience.

I know: never apologise, never explain!

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  1. Good review Nigel. A great movie that shows what people can do with sci-fi blockbusters.


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