Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Unsettled days

Our pleasantly humdrum routine has been profoundly destabilized by Alex staycationing with us: many long-deferred, if not completely-ignored tasks are being addressed with Alex's characteristic whirlwind of energy.

Item: there was a curious ammonia-like smell in the kitchen, eventually tracked down to the tumble dryer. In an instant, Alex had disassembled it, exposing innards lined with five years accumulated dross which included a small colony of maggots. No doubt a small and lethally-injured vole had recently ventured that way. My mind sheers away from the unpleasant process by which the machine was eventually cleared out - fingers were used, and not mine - and the reconstituted machine sits currently in the naughty corner of the kitchen on probation.

Cleaned up, but is it truly sterile?

Item: Clare wants a path round the back of the house - the current stepping-stone-like flags no longer cut it. After much cogitation and deprecation of boardwalk possibilities (slippery when wet) she settled on gravel. An orgy of computation on Alex's part has followed with refinements including planks cut to length and endless discussions with tradespeople.
Alex's plan for the garden path

The planks for edging - to be cut tomorrow
The gravel was meant to arrive today (it didn't).

Alex has also managed to fit into today two tennis coaching sessions at the local club and has ordered a new racquet on the coach's suggestion.

We still don't really know what's hit us.

I have not managed to find a sanctuary in our house to resume my engagement with Professor Susskind (lecture 6 beckons) but Clare has fled the house,and now wanders lonely as a cloud in the garden.

Clare in the roses
In other news: Pluto has been imaged in unimaginable detail, the pentaquark has been discovered and the Eurozone is splintering as German dominance becomes impossible to cloak ...