Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A garden in summer

A trip to Wroughton, near Swindon today to visit my mother (with Elaine, pictured below). The hospice is next door to where she's staying and the gardens (and coffee shop) seemed a nice place to visit. A little video follows the picture. The word 'summer' is being used here in a purely calendric way as the mode of dress suggests.

The public garden at the Prospect Hospice, Wroughton

Not much posting here this past week. My excuse? Family visits trash the serenity needed to compose; the Tour was on and we spent hours trying to figure out whether Contador and/or Nibali were suffering post-juice burn-outs; plus not much new was really happening in the world worth commenting on.

Still, all that stuff is behind us now. I was about to install SWI-Prolog and then got diverted with backing up my data (to numerous hard disks and scattered USB drives - you can't have too much security!). Turns out that when your datasets are in the tens of Gigabytes and you need to encrypt (security!) this takes a while - like a day. So that was Monday and I'm finishing off things this afternoon. Prolog tomorrow?


OK, we cracked: I put the central heating back on this evening.