Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Ebbor Gorge

Do flies bask in the sun? On Tuesday every illuminated surface was covered with a motile layer of the vile black creatures. Here are some pix of the Ebbor Gorge.

Clare's first rest of the day

A strange thing in the woods .. and a boar sculpture

The path to the top

and the view from whence we came

From the Viewpoint, overlooking the Ebbor Gorge

In the far distance, Glastonbury Tor

On the top - a wrecked woman
There is also a video I did about half way up - (not one of my better ones).

Clare had an operation for endometrial cancer back in May 2011 (about four years ago). Part of the post-operative treatment was an intensive course of abdominal radiotherapy which, she reckons, has left a lasting physical weakness. We fervently believe her mitochondria got shredded, denting their efficiency. So it was a benchmark that she got to the top - the view point - although she swears it's the very last time; in the final picture above she's dizzy and feeling sick.

She perked up later in the Wookey Hole Inn.

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