Monday, April 27, 2015

Classic pix: Washington DC - August 2001

More pix from before this blog started. Here it's summer in Washington DC, three months before the planes hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Clare and Adrian fronting the White House - how American they look!

The author and his wife - it's August 2001

Clare is doing that 'dubya' thing .. I think ..
When the planes hit, I was in a meeting in Vienna, Virginia. We had another C&W office a few hundred yards away, and in its basement car park was MAE East* (1919 Gallows Road). Would it be a terrorist target - to close down the global Internet? We didn't know but Craig Stenberg and myself zoomed down there, fast-talked our way past an officious guard, and got the C&W people out.

Then most of us went home and watched it all unfold on TV**.

* MAE East: the American east coast Internet hub (Metropolitan Area Exchange, East).

** Cable & Wireless, like other major telecommunications companies, played an important role in restoring communications in New York and Washington in the aftermath of the incident.

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