Saturday, February 08, 2014

Mendip Snowsport Centre

My first skiing lesson for eighteen years this morning at the Mendip Snowsport Centre, about half an hour's drive. We were a mixed bunch: two posh young  ladies, one middle-aged woman and several teens; the only other bloke was Damien who certainly looked the part - slim, athletic with designer stubble - but proved to be absolutely inept.

In this first class we learned to stay upright, snowplow and use the button lift. We finished with some simple snowplow turns. I'm booked on the next lesson, the Intermediate, next Sunday.

Two of us got as high as the Blue Zone on our last run

This is where you try to stop- and that's our instructor, Mark

The cafe - quite snug inside; four or five tables

It takes four lessons to be allowed free access to the slope. The pictures only show the lower portion of the slope; at the top there's a dog-leg and it vanishes up into the woods. Assuming I pass lesson four, I will have skied from the top.