Thursday, February 13, 2014


Today we're going to contemplate the merely average.

1. Penetration Bomber

An early reality-TV programme followed RAF pilots training for low-level penetration missions. Specifically they were tasked with dropping nuclear bombs on Russia. One of the rookie pilots was a bulky, walrus-type guy. His instructor assessed him to camera: "He's OK, but frankly, he's never going to set the world on fire!"

We were so profoundly grateful to hear that.

2. Snow

The first snow of winter this morning.

A sprinkling in our back garden

It's gone now.

3. Interview

Do you remember the standard answer to this tough interview question: "What would you say was your greatest fault?"  ...
"I think my greatest fault is that I can be too modest."
Love it. I think my greatest fault is that I can be too imaginative.


As a bonus, this gem from Abstruse Goose.