Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Priddy sheep fair

The Priddy sheep fair: one day in late August since 1348 (Priddy is a small village on the top of the Mendips close to Wells). We visited this afternoon.

There are four segments to the fair, three very much non-sheep. As we walked into Priddy from the car-park field we first came upon the horse fair. This was mostly Romanies with some Irish travellers trading their animals; on the other side of the road was a field with Romani pop-up shopping marquees.

Moving on towards the village itself a Wurzelish band was playing to an apathetic crowd at the Queen Vic, while to our surprise the other Priddy pub, the New Inn, had closed - a cider van fronted its boarded-up windows. The village green contained a fun-fair and eventually, at the back, we encountered the eponymous sheep.

So now it's picture time.

A mini-horse and Clare

Roma with horse and trap

Always chores!

Speaks for itself, really. Framed by garbage.

Bored in pink

The author indulges his inner narcissist

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Minding the stall

We do Wurzel covers at the Queen Vic!

The New Inn, Priddy has bitten the dust

These guys are mean shearers!

Clare wanders the sheep pens

That's all, folks!