Saturday, August 03, 2013

In which we travel and meet relations (pix and videos)

We arrived back this morning to the yowling of the cat which immediately threw itself at Clare's ankles begging for forgiveness. Inside the house we found the dried remnants of cat-vomit on:  our bed, the bedroom carpet (several), the back bedroom bed, the kitchen floor, and the new couch.

Our week had started in a cottage near Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire staying with Clare's relations. The picture below shows an approaching thunderstorm but in truth the weather was mostly good and we were able to take in the delights of Stokesay Castle and the indifferent attractions of Ludlow and Leominster.

The world divides into those who sing karaoke and those who would rather die: likewise charades. It's sometimes hard to predict who will jump into the cold water (Clare after a few drinks) and who will stay warm and dry at the edge and just take the video (me). Clare is trying to convey the word 'Karate' which she has confused with Judo.

Weather approaching our cottage near Tenbury Wells

Wednesday we were in Formby for lunch with more of Clare's relations and friends.

Lil Youell took this video of the meal. Mr Tarantino had better watch out!

Then we were on the road again to Clare's cousin in Chester, ending the day at the Premier Inn, Macclesfield.

Clare and the ascent of Mam Tor

Thursday we visited "Pemberley" (Lyme Hall and Park). Actually we got as far as the entrance drive with its tantalising view of a lake, to be told the house itself was closed that day: something about 'not too much light'. We spun the car and moved on to Mam Tor where we managed an ascent of, oh, I don't know, maybe 150 feet? (And never returned to P.).

The old Sheffield-Manchester road (built on shale)

In fact the dismal state of the old Sheffield-Manchester road is pretty impressive. Built on shale, it has slid off the mountain on numerous occasions and was finally abandoned as too expensive to maintain. Today it's even a challenge for mountain bikes.

Holly has these flowers - who knew?

Yesterday we took in the tiny but perfectly formed gardens at Hare Hill, followed by the enormous and wasp-ridden estate at Tatton Park.

Tatton Park - the Mansion

Deer at Tatton Park

Clare fretted about the famous deer all the way through, and we finally spotted them as we were driving out. In the evening we had dinner with my nieces and their partners at Sutton Hall, Macclesfield and returned this morning real early (6 am start) with the motorway still packed.

Good timing: as I write the thunder is roaring and it is chucking it down.