Monday, May 06, 2013

In the fog

A biologist measures the bacteria count on a pair of jeans after a week's wear. The same painstaking measurement is then repeated after three months continual usage - same jeans. The bacterial count is just the same. The biologist is amazed and concludes that washing jeans is pointless.

(Reflect upon the bacterial carrying capacity of jeans).

The five second rule is tested. This piece of folklore states that if a piece of food falls on the floor,  you have five seconds to pick it up before it gets contaminated. Be quick and you can still feed it to baby!

The TV scientist takes swabs from a slice of bread (and other diverse food items) which have been dropped on the floor and then swiftly retrieved. The swabs are applied to culture dishes for incubation. After several days you see vast bacterial colony-circles expanded out from those initial dabs.

Mums, if baby drops its food discard at once, don't put back in its mouth!!

No swabs were taken from food which had not been dropped on the floor.

(Exponential growth can suggest many spurious things about initial conditions).

Humid air over a cold sea is a recipe for sea fog. And so it was at Beer today (pictured). But as I write, it is beautifully sunny over the hills of Lyme Regis.