Thursday, April 18, 2013

My 23andMe results

The results of my genetic screening at 23andMe have now come back - almost a million SNPs analysed.

[Update (August 2017): see also my Personal Genome Project report (PDF)].

The human genome SNP database currently has around 20 million known SNPs but most have unknown consequences.

So, here are the highlights: overall I guess I was pleased and relieved! The impact on family? Well, I share half of my alleles with my siblings, my parents and my children (and I'm uncorrelated with my wife). So extrapolate with care .. we're none of us clones.

I was a bit surprised to find that my paternal lineage appears to be from Ireland! We had traced my great-great-grandfather up to Oldham, Lancs where he was a Hatter (see here also). I think we had supposed the Oldham Seels were Anglo-Saxon, but the Y-chromosome is pointing instead to Ireland. On the maternal side, it seems my mother's maternal ancestors are solidly Atlantic coastal celts.

Click on images to make them larger.

Clare says just by appearance - Neanderthal is obvious!

The site itself has masses of detailed results and research reports which will keep me occupied for a while.