Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Anticipation of Snow

Matt, the gym manager warned me yesterday: we might be closed on Friday, there's a forecast of ten inches of snow.

The TV is full of it: so, eager to enter into the snow-spirit, I'm about to strew sand and rock salt onto our steep driveway. See next post.

It must be that time of the year but an astounding number of our relations have recently been in hospital, for operations or serious infections. Adding in parents, siblings and nephews/nieces I count four separate and ongoing cases. Their NHS experiences have been excellent to awful with points in between.

As well as hanging out at the gym (pet beef: bunnies who chill on the equipment chatting to their mates, failing to show my own obsessional dedication to work-rate) I have also been working through the Open University's M820 text (Calculus of Variations).

I'm still in chapter 1, a review of standard calculus - as I'm not registered, this doesn't count towards an MSc, my motives include a self-diagnostic for Alzheimer's.

So far I can report my concentration falls off a cliff at the one hour point, but it was ever thus.