Saturday, September 01, 2012

Croatia: Split - Trogir

Matthew Parris in The Times today has an op-ed piece suggesting Spain ought to leave the Euro to restabilise its economy. Of course it won't, not only because its political elite is firmly wedded to the grand European political integration project, but also because they are terrified of a unified Europe without them. Better in than out is the depressing mantra.

Croatia is due to join the EU and the Euro next year. Its economy seems midway between Italy and Greece, like its topography and climate; factor in the usual corruption you find in ethnic/kin-centric societies.

They are clearly going to be toast, but fear (of Germany, Austria) keeps them going.

Today we were in the palace of one of the last rulers of a unified Europe, the Roman Emperor Diocletian. It's in Split and has been continuously occupied for 1,700 years, a motley collection of Gothic, Venetian and of course Roman buildings full of people, some of whom actually live there.

This afternoon we visited the bijou island of Trogir to the north of Split. Around 800 metres long, it has waterfronts (plenty of yachts) around the edges and a warren of alleys packed with restaurants, shops and dwellings in the interior. We spent a pleasant couple of hours though it's been rather humid today.

Tomorrow it's Dubrovnik via Mostar.

Here are some pix from today.