Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Croatia: Dubrovnik day 3

I skyped Rupert Taylor (MD at Pro4) yesterday to confirm I'm taking an extended break from telecoms consultancy. Reason is that I want to devote more time to writing, physics and hill-walking. I think they'll survive my decision.

Today we took a walk around the complex as vast thunderclouds piled up to the west. In the event we saw just a few spots of rain, and now the sun is back and it's baking again.

As I write Clare is almost through China Mieville's book "Railsea" on the Kindle. She has been reading it in a series of bizarre and louche poses (legs up the wall like the bat featured in the novel; lying sprawled across the bed and side cabinet, ...).

I have some photos but I think they're for my private collection, or possibly a select north-american celebrity website.