Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our "summer" continues ...

Just back from town where I donated some books to Wells library. I have this image of an earnest 18-year-old (a version of the teenage me) browsing the science section and finding my donated "Not Even Wrong" and "The Trouble With Physics" .. and probably being put off String Theory for life :-).

I am thinking of doing some solitary hill-walking in the Brecon Beacons later this year. There's something attractive about the mountains, the trails, the cascading brooks, ... the sheep, the scree, the heavy pack and the miles to go :-). In any event Clare is vicariously with me on this and is busy looking up GorTex rain-wear on the Internet.

My own issue? How do I get hold of an external frame rucksack, one which doesn't turn your back into a pool of sweat after a few hard-uphill minutes?

We had just got back from town when the storm arrived though it's not too obvious in the pix below.

The rain bounces off the car-top

So much rain - so much garden