Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Barrington Court

I'm preparing for some autumnal hill-walking. First off I was determined to acquire an external frame rucksack.

Back when I was doing hiking/camping with the army cadets (my school CCF) I preferred the old manpack carriers. These were camo-green aluminium frames to which all and everything could be strapped: provisions, solid-fuel cooker, sleeping bag, tent, clothes. The whole thing was well ventilated, sat high on the shoulders for optimal carrying and - with much extra sponge padding - could be made quite comfortable.

Turns out that external-frame backpacks have pretty much deserted the market in favour of internal-framed ones. Eventually I tracked down the popular Kelty Trekker (pictured) as sold in the US, which I have ordered from

 The Kelty Trekker External Frame Pack 
My abiding memory of tracking across the Welsh hills ... trying to match the ambiguous terrain as viewed through the rain and mist with the contours on the OS map. A problem no longer: a quick search unearthed this free Android app, which uses the smartphone GPS to return the OS map reference (and direction North). It's almost cheating.

I also need to add one of those powerpacks which can recharge a mobile phone in the tent - solar-power which would actually work in a UK overcast autumn would be just a bonus.

Today we revisited Barrington Court to check progress with their many varied and beautiful walled gardens. After so much rain their flower and kitchen gardens are richly-flourishing as shown below.

 Clare surveils the pond 

 Like a wild flower bed 

 We liked these red pom-pom flowers 

 The author in the Walled Garden 

 Clare hides in the shrubs