Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monkey World

Yesterday found us (together with Clare's niece and her husband) at Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre near Weymouth. It was the worst day to expect to see apes and monkeys playing in their enclosures in this extensive outdoor site. The wind gusted, the rain came down and it was cold, cold, cold.

After an hour spent getting steadily more hypothermic watching monkeys cowering from the cold in their damp enclosures, we retired to the cafe. There I wondered why these good causes (which are always desperate for money) don't get a franchise in to do a proper cafe which doesn't look down-at-heel and vaguely seedy, which can prepare food properly and which can provide decent mobile phone reception and wifi.

It was all sadly reminiscent of English "attractions" twenty years ago. Anyway, here are some pictures.

Mother and Child
Clare in the cafe
A chimp gathering nest material
The author in the cafe, wistful for WiFi