Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kindle plus National Trust

My new Kindle Touch arrived this morning with its elegant tan cover & built-in LED light.

Just a few teething problems. The instructions say "Press Menu" and "Settings" to get the WiFi sorted. However, this requires the home menu, not the in-book menu. The menus are context-sensitive and so there's more than one of them. I eventually figured it.

We rejoined the National Trust this morning. We have the debate every year: have we seen every property in our area ... should we let it lapse?

Then we get in the car for a mini-break and end up rejoining. We should know ourselves!

So go for it! We get the 5 years of prior membership discount and the over-60 discount and it's affordable without these annual quibbles.

We stood at the window this morning, exchanged chesty coughs and thought the day had promise. As I write the dark clouds have rolled in again; I anticipate the splatter of tiny raindrops any time soon.

Back to my new Kindle  ...