Saturday, January 14, 2012

When will we see the Kindle Fire in the UK?

I have decided I'm a convert to eReaders. It's incredibly convenient to order a book via the Kindle app and get it a few seconds later. There are other advantages these cold winter evenings: a dimly-lit secluded living room with the fire burning away merrily and Clare watching alpha-male Trevor Eve in "Waking the Dead" on DVD ... I can relax and read Lawrence Krauss's latest or Ian Mcdonald's remarkable The Dervish House which reminds me of our Andante trip to Istanbul.

But ... reading on a smartphone screen is just a little too constricting: I want the larger, Kindle-sized view of the page and I want backlit for that comfy gloom. So come on Kindle Fire, I promised myself I'd hold off to release 2 (never buy at release 1.0!) but now I'm not so sure. I hear rumours my plight will be resolved as early as the end of this month.

My contract has finished for the time being (it was for some preparatory work for the client) and the experience has sent me back to my "Voice Teletraffic Systems Engineering" book to produce this white paper. There may be a further phase of work: watch this space.