Thursday, January 05, 2012

Tube Life

Back on the tube, after a year. In the centre of the carriage there are four seats on either side. I was standing in the crush and counted three kindles out of the four people sat there.

Yesterday it was only 50%: a kindle and an iPad, which was showing the Daily Mail.

I was squashed next to a guy reading ... a book! I wanted to scream at him: what are you doing? Where is your kindle? (I managed to control myself).

I've had The Times app for the last couple of weeks but today it was uninstalled. Hey guys, your design is poor - articles turn up under too many categories; also I was even tempted to subscribe at two pounds a week till you asked me for a ton of irrelevant personal information and then your registration screen locked-up. Take a look at the London Evening Standard for how an app should be done.

I'm trying to work out whether I should be more concerned about the crisis in Iran (will it be war?) or the crisis in Hungary (authoritarianism, default?) or whether I get the client document written tomorrow. Events, dear boy, events!